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With AgentElert you can maintain a single integrated database that combines the power of SMS Mobile Text, Instant Message, Email, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter! AgentElert Mobile Web Publisher and Mobile Messaging Platform is the first system to easily and effectively integrate the power of messaging with the Mobile Web.

Get with the BUZZ…OPT-IN. Today's young, hip, tech-savvy generation is addicted to mobile messaging. More than 5 Billion texts are sent in the US each day. Get in on the action... and join the new generation of Mobile Connected Consumers.

  • Insurance Agents

    Drive Brand Awareness, sales and
    feed user awareness
  • Media/Sports

    Use and sell Media to capture your audience
  • Schools/Universities

    Connect with Parents, Teachers, Staff and
  • Fund Raising

    Use Mobile to kick-start your fund raising or provide Inspirational messaging to drive giving
  • Government and Military

    Speed and Enhance Public Alerting and Mobilize connections from Authority to Citizen and Citizen to Authority, Its way ahead of where public alerting is today!
  • Medical

    Connect your community of Patients, Doctors, Laboratories, Staff and Pharmacists to lower cost and increase efficiency to transform your business